About Stephen Grubits & Associates

Established in 1996 as Australia’s first specialised fire safety engineering consulting practice, Stephen Grubits & Associates (SGA) is a high profile Australian owned fire safety engineering consultancy, specialising in fire safety solutions to complex and innovative construction projects throughout Australia & Asia. Our reputation is built on our respected track record, achieved through a comprehensive understanding of the fire phenomenon, building code and fire safety engineering methodologies.


This understanding enables us to provide sound and reliable cost-effective performance based solutions, assistance to manufacturers, professional development and expert advice to legal cases where fire safety is of the essence.


Our broad strategy is to combine leading edge capability in the latest modelling and simulation tools, some of which we have developed, with key expertise in fire science as well as the regulatory environment, to deliver the very best advice across the full range of fire and life safety issues.


Our commitment to providing first class professional services is demonstrated by our Corporate Goal, put into practice by the knowledge, experience and personal attention of our staff and supported by our adherence to our implemented Quality Management System.


We have the experience and capability to resource the most demanding projects and to deliver maximum cost savings whilst maintaining flexibility in the design and achieving project deadlines.


Our Key Strengths

Our understanding of fire science based on many years of fire research experience by our principals enables Stephen Grubits & Associates to apply that understanding to the resolution of fire safety issues. Having been involved in the development of fire codes and regulations, the ground-breaking development of fire safety engineering as a profession, supported by our continued commitment towards fire safety, place Stephen Grubits & Associates in a position of strength and leadership in the field.


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