Entertainment and Tourism

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre NSW

$25m Sulman Award winning club building with architects BVN.

Putrajaya Convention Centre, Malaysia

RM$600m centre with 135,000m² floor area. Includes VVIP/bilateral rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, public galleries, praying halls and other purpose built halls. The Banquet Hall can seat 4,500 people.

WIN Stadium, Wollongong NSW

The WIN Sports and Entertainment Centres is a multi-purpose facility which stages sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, dinners and other events. WIN Stadium is designed as a multi purpose facility with the ability to host a variety of sporting or special events. The venue capacity is 23,000 with over 13,000 seats undercover.

Australian National Maritime Museum

The Maritime Heritage Centre at Wharf 7 in Pyrmont is part of the ANMM and houses collections of Australia’s maritime history. The building accommodates a mix of public exhibition spaces, workshops, stores and offices. Using advanced fire modelling tools SGA developed a holistic fire safety strategy which enabled cost-effective deviations from prescriptive code requirements in relation to the large atrium and structural fire resistance levels.

ANZ Stadium (formerly known as Stadium Australia or Olympic Stadium)

This magnificent sports facility was designed as the centrepiece of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Completed in February 1999 at a cost of A$690 million, Stadium Australia seated 110 000 spectators, half of those in covered areas.  Subsequent to the Olympics and to ensure continued demand and rational practicability as a venue, the stadium was reduced in capacity to 80,000 spectators and a substantial increment in the percentage of seats under roof.  This involved removal of the athletic track and bringing the lower tiers closer to the arena. The incorporation of Australian Rules Football required an ingenious system of retractable tiers. This state-of-the-art structure goes beyond a sports facility to offer a range of food and beverage, office and retail services, located beneath the seating bowl.

Sydney Football Stadium

SGA performed a comprehensive evacuation study and made recommendations for acceptable performance of the various evacuation routes.


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