How we work

First principles


First principles are something we apply to jobs of all sizes, although major projects derive the greatest benefits if we become involved at the early design stage.  This ensures fire safety is incorporated at the conceptual stage rather than being simply a 'bolt on". In a major project we consider preferable to look at fire safety not just as a regulatory issue, rather as an objective to be attained. The means to achieve the safety objective are selected and incorporated in the conceptual design, a time where the most clever solutions can be incorporated. For instance if an iconic, major architectural project is to be accomplished with a bare-metal structure and/or extended internal space, these departures from prescriptive codes ought to be thought about and dealt with at the earliest possible stage.


Corporate Goal


It is our aim to provide innovative, technologically advanced services of consistently high quality in accordance with industry guidelines, codes and regulatory requirements.


We are committed to:-


- Long term partnerships with our clients

- Provision of highest level of technical innovation; and

- Customer Satisfaction


Cost effective solutions to immediate and long-term fire safety issues


Our focus is on helping clients resolve their immediate and long-term fire safety issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At SGA we apply our knowledge, experience and the collective capabilities to doing just this, but without compromising safety.


Design flexibility and safer buildings


In just 20 years building design has been revolutionised and now allows an enormous amount of flexibility at every level.


Property developers can optimise use and improve their return on investment. Designers can take advantage of space which has been freed from prescriptive constraints. For occupants and users modern building design means less impacting fires and controlled hazard, which results in safer environments.


Collaborative and professional relationships


We enjoy strong and collaborative relationships with our clients who benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the field.


Patience and perseverance are the key for demonstrating to our clients that fire safety engineering is not about the quick fix or a tick the box compliance exercise. Rather, it is about looking at the design solution holistically so that we can arrive at the optimum fire safety strategy.


Staff development


Staff development is vital to professional expertise and growth and is integral to what we do. We take time to explain, explore and educate.


Our principals encourage and support staff to build on their skills through further study and in-house training. As an industry leader Stephen Grubits takes the time to share his knowledge and expertise within SGA and also across the fire safety engineering profession.



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