Industrial and Warehouse

Hills Self Storage Facility, Rouse Hill

A large and modern three storey self-storage facility located at Rouse Hill, NSW. SGA provided the fire engineering services and solutions to allow for a much more cost-effective form of construction for the overall building. We also carried out a complex assessment to enable the project to utilise an alternative solution for fire safety systems instead of complying with what would have been onerous requirements under the prescriptive provisions of the building code and standards.


Bunnings Warehouse, Hoxton Park

This project located at Hoxton Park comprised the conversion of a bulky goods warehouse into a Bunnings Retail Warehouse. The large warehouse conversion required SGA to provide fire engineered solutions to maintain compliance with the building code and to provide a high level of fire safety without unnecessary upgrade


Proton vehicle assembly plant, Malaysia

Fire Safety of the Proton facility had to be performed on a scientific basis applying performance based design because the provisions of the Malaysian Building Regulations (Unified Building Bylaw or UBBL) does not envisage this type of building. The establishment of an appropriate fire safety design was supported by analysis carried out by SGA, whereby worse case fire scenarios were analysed applying state of the art computer fire simulation techniques.

IBC, Carter Street, Homebush NSW

This large isolated building (Floor area ~ 50,000m²) comprised of warehouse and offices incorporates ridge ventilation to naturally ventilate smoke in the event of a fire. During the 2000 Olympics, SGA provided a fire engineered solution for the building as the International Broadcast Centre for the use of media covering the event. Subsequent to the Games, the building was converted back to warehouse use, which has been the subject of a fire engineered solution by SGA for issues including travel distances and smoke hazard management.

14 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW

Fully automated warehouse with associated offices and loading dock for storage of consumer electronics. The high bay racking has a height of up to 24 m and is served by computer-controlled robotic cranes. SGA prepared fire engineering solutions with respect to extensive travel distances, smoke management and fire brigade intervention.

Post Office Building, Clyde NSW

Construction of a new warehouse and awning area for the Australia Post mail sorting facility in Clyde. SGA developed various performance based solutions for the building. Undertook CFD smoke and fire modelling to justify extended travel distances and rationalisation of smoke exhaust system.

UGL Plant, Darwin NT

We had the opportunity to contribute our expertise in fire science and 'engineering from first principles' to the design of a power plant for a new onshore LNG gas processing facility in the Northern Territory. Our work involved undertaking fire risk assessment and radiation transfer analysis for potential transformer fires with the objective of justifying custom fire resistance requirements to steel structures and critical infrastructure.

Epping Substation, NSW

As part of the refurbishment planning including relocation of critical transformers and switchgear the historic substation building was subject to a fire risk assessment. SGA conducted the study using specialized fire risk evaluation tools. The model provided a risk ranking which served to define effective but sensitive upgrade measures to mitigate the residual risk level without interfering with the unique appearance of the building.


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