Infrastructure - Rail, Road and Tunnels

Epping to Chatswood Rail Link Stations, Sydney NSW

This $2.3b project was designed by Hassell architects and won the 2010 Sulman Award for Public Architecture. Our innovative fire safety engineering design, based on first principles, allowed the creation of the award winning subterranean space.

New Southern Railway, Sydney NSW

A $500m project including four stations and 10 km tunnel to serve Sydney Airport and surrounding suburbs. SGA was able to justify bi-directional operation of trains in a single tunnel bore using sophisticated quantitative risk assessment methodology developed by us. The integrated ventilation and smoke hazard management strategy for the stations and tunnels resulted in cost effective design.

Parramatta Transport Interchange, Sydney NSW

Fast Software Encryption and pedestrian modelling services on $200m multi-award winning major refurbishment of railway station and bus interchange ensuring continuing operation and safety during redevelopment.

Olympic Park Railway Station and Sub-tunnels, Homebush Bay NSW

$200m Fast Software Encryption, environmental and ventilation modelling on multi-award winning project.

RTA Cahill Tunnel, Sydney NSW

SGA undertook a fire - scenario analysis to assess performances in the event of fire and made recommendations for compliance with relevant international standards. Our assessment proposed modifications to the ventilation/exhaust/smoke hazard management system.

Perth City Link, WA

Extending from the Perth Station to the new Perth Arena, the Perth City Link project will reconnect the city centre with Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years. Among the first stages of work is sinking the Fremantle Line from William to Lake/King streets, demolishing the Entertainment Centre, creating new development sites and constructing a new underground bus station. On completion, Perth will enjoy improved connectivity through the city, access to public transport, and inside pedestrian underpass, increased residential, retail and commercial opportunities and public open spaces.

Chatswood Transport Interchange, Sydney NSW

On $360m project with architect partnership COX Design Inc. Our contribution allowed an atrium-like glazed pedestrian street with minimal encumbrances, and consideration of staging and continuity of rail operations during construction.

Boggo Road Busway and Tunnels - Brisbane QLD

The Boggo Road Busway in Brisbane provides a dedicated bus route from the princess Alexandra Hospital to the Eleanor Schonell Bridge at Dutton Park. The 1.5km busway contains two tunnels, one shorter tunnel under the Gold Coast rail lines and a 480m long driven tunnel under the heritage listed Boggo Road Gaol complex near Dutton Park. Stephen Grubits & Associates were engaged by the Boggo Road Busway Alliance (BRBA) to develop the fire-safety strategy for the tunnels and to provide fire and life safety design advice for the $360m project.


The performance-based fire safety strategy was specifically tailored for the busway and considered the unique features of the busway. As the tunnels were only to be used by buses and emergency vehicles, the fire load and population characteristics were unlike that of other road tunnels; in fact, they were more akin those found in rail tunnels. Quantitative risk analysis with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling was undertaken to derive an optimum combination of fire safety features. The fire safety strategy optimised the spacing of exits and the smoke hazard management system. The findings from the project contributed to the development of the busway section of Australian Standard AS4825 on Tunnel Fire Safety.

Mascot Tunnel, Sydney NSW

SGA assessed the proposed extensions to accommodate runway widening. Issues included smoke hazard management and ventilation, and also the likely joining of an existing series of separate tunnels.


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