Our People

SYDNEY - Head Office

Our People

SYDNEY - Head Office

Stephen Grubits

Chairman/Special Expert

"My entire professional and academic career has been spent on the behaviour of building materials and building systems in fire scenarios."


Carlos Quaglia

Managing Director / Accredited Fire Safety Engineer

"Our commitment is to find optimum solutions to fire-safety issues thereby maintaining or improving Australia's level of fire safety and rationalising on the cost to achieve it."


Rose Pengilly


"My role is critical to the management of the company, including office management, financial management, co-ordination, recruitment and client liaison. One of my key focuses is to create a harmonious working environment & collaborative team culture where we all work together to produce the best possible outcome for our clients."


Christina Knorr

Team Leader / Accredited Fire Safety Engineer

“It is a great pleasure to be among enthusiastic, motivated and creative fire safety engineers. I pride myself in my organisation and communication skills and strive to meet client deadlines and achieve customer satisfaction"

James Murch

Senior Fire Safety Engineer

“Building a fire safety model is just the first step. Having a thorough understanding of the fire science and its relationship with the computational model is something that we as a company have developed through our extensive cumulative experience and knowledge base.”


Harriet Peel

Senior Fire Safety Engineer

"As fire safety specialists, we offer an in-depth understanding of local and international fire safety regulations and strategies. This means our clients can rely on SGA to find creative solutions for a broad range of projects."

Ruhail Ahmed

Graduate Fire Safety Engineer

I am proud to be working for SGA where every project provides exciting challenges with the opportunity to gain new experiences and work with an amazing team to produce effective and practical fire safety strategies for our clients.



Steve Maguire

Senior Fire Safety Engineer

Drawing on my experience in the both the public and private sectors I approach every project with the primary aim to deliver innovative and cost-effective building solutions whilst ensuring that life safety is of the highest priority.


Himanshu Gupta

Fire Safety Engineer

“I am excited at the opportunity to apply my passion for risk management and problem solving to address issues relating to fire safety within our built environment."


Andrew Sung

Fire Safety Engineer

“I am thrilled to be part of a dynamic workplace where we are able to work closely with the project team to tailor solutions which optimise the requirements of all stakeholders."


Jun Lee

Fire Safety Engineer

“I am passionate about fire science, I enjoy collaborating with our talented team and I like the challenges associated with developing fire engineering solutions. My goal on every project is to satisfy the client's needs and expectations via the most cost effective means."



Ron Blake

Manager - SGA Brisbane

"My commitment is to provide clients with expert fire safety advice that results in cost effective solutions, sustainable use of building resources and satisfies regulatory objectives relating to fire safety."



Rod McBride

Managing Director - Stephen Grubits & Associates - Kuala Lumpur

“My 30-year career in Fire Technology/Engineering and Building and Fire Risk Surveying has given me a strong understanding of how Fire Safety Engineering contributes to the design of new and existing buildings.”


Alvin Loo Si Xian

Risk / Fire Engineer - Stephen Grubits & Associates - Kuala Lumpur

“I strive to provide the most value-added and cost-effective fire engineering solutions to our clients without compromising the principle of life safety. Overcoming the challenges when working towards achieving this goal gives me the utmost satisfaction.”



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