Key Services

Our key strengths in fire science and technology, coupled with our comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework, enables us to offer fire safety engineering services that are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation to the benefit of our clients.

For Building and Infrastructure Design:


Cost-effective Performance-based Solutions involving smoke-hazard management, egress, structural fire resistance and fire protection


Risk-based solutions that are not amenable to deterministic analysis


Specialist assessments of fire and life safety for transport terminals and infrastructure projects


Sophisticated analysis of egress and modelling of pedestrian movement


Peer Review of Performance-based Solutions


For Buildings Under Construction:


Technical support and advice during construction


Inspection and sign-off of Fire Safety features


Auditing of implemented Fire Safety features


Witness commissioning of installed / upgraded Essential Fire Safety Measures


For Manufacturers:


Fire safety advice on product development


Advice on fire testing and assessment of fire performance


Advice on product appraisal


Advice on product acceptability under the Building Code of Australia


For the Mining Industry:


Fire safety assessments for major substations or generator buildings


Tunnel safety during operation or excavation


Determination of cause and origin of fires involving plant or equipment


Safety assessments for combustible stock piles - safe distance, fire reconstruction


Liquid fuel facilities - fire impact and safety recommendations


For Existing Infrastructure:


Risk-based assessments of safety in railway, bus and road tunnels


Smoke-hazard management of underground stations and tunnels


Pedestrian movement and egress modelling for complex structures including stadium spectator stands


Cost-effective prioritisation of fire safety measures for large and complex structures


For Existing Buildings Including Heritage:


Supporting Performance-based Solutions to demonstrate compliance with BCA performance requirements


Developing strategies to achieve the optimum balance between fire safety and heritage preservation requirements


Fire Safety Audits


Preparation of Fire Safety Condition / Upgrade Reports


Preparation of Fire Safety Schedules


Preparation of Annual Fire Safety Statements


Preparation of Emergency Management Plans


For Litigation and Court Cases:


Advice and expert witness services by Australia's leading fire experts, in the assessment of alleged fire-system defects


Response to alleged fire safety defects in buildings and provision of tailored solutions for rectification


Supporting Performance-based Solutions in the Land and Environment and Supreme Court


Identification of Performance-based Solutions for alleged defects, to achieve compliance with safety objectives such as the Building Code of Australia providing the most cost-effective rectification



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